Sweetwood Fatty Jalapeno + Cheddar Cheese 20 Count


Hunger doesn’t stand a chance with the OG big meat stick. With 13g of high-quality protein, the FATTY 2oz JALAPEÑO & CHEDDAR is a low sugar protein packed snack crafted for people with stuff to do. Slow smoked with 100% real hickory wood and carefully seasoned, FATTYs deliver bold meaty, cheesey flavor on the go. Individually wrapped and with better-for-you ingredients like grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free pork and all-natural seasoning, our jerky snacks are the best beef sticks for hiking, road trips, working out, or whenever you need serious fuel. And they’re American made without any BS, like gluten, nitrites, nitrates, MSG, artificial colors or flavors, making the FATTY JALAPEÑO & CHEDDAR a healthy snack you can feel good about bringing with you on any adventure.

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